Caisson Walls

Pro Caissons Ltd. has completed many shoring projects since being founded in 1979. These shoring projects have included Lagged Shoring & Caisson Walls. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure the customer has their project completed on time in a cost effective manner.

Caisson walls are typically used in areas with poor or wet ground conditions where it would not be possible to install lagged shoring without suffering the loss of ground such as excavations that penetrate below the water table.

A Caisson wall is also a more suitable option than lagged shoring when working adjacent to existing buildings or other structures sensitive to movement.

A Caisson wall is completed by drilling vertical holes which are interlocked. This system is a more rigid system than traditional soldier pile and lagged shoring. Caisson walls can be braced by tiebacks, rakers or struts as you would a lagged shoring system.

Pro Caissons Ltd.'s experience can help the customer with the design and installation of caisson walls.