We have been drilling caissons and augered footings since our founding in 1979.

Our specialized knowledge, experience and equipment allows us to provide value to your project.

The drilled shaft of a caisson normally ranges from 24” (610mm) to 120” (3048mm). Depending on the loading specifications Caissons may be reinforced or unreinforced with steel re-bar cages. After cleaning the bottom of Caisson and having it inspected by a third party it is than filled with concrete. Industry standard for Caisson diameters in 6” increments 24” up to 120”.

Pro Caissons Ltd. has a complete inventory of Rock augers, soil (clay) augers, steel liners (casings) twist (cleanout) buckets and coring barrels. Our drilling rigs and tooling allow us to complete the project on time and on budget in an efficient manner for the customer.