Pro Caissons Ltd. has the equipment to get your project completed on time and on budget. We are continuously growing our specialized fleet to meet the needs of our commercial, residential and infrastructure projects.

Hydraulic Drill Rigs 

Our fleet of hydraulic drill rigs give us the versatility to tackle any project; challenging and saturated ground conditions become more manageable. With a variety of different sized drill rigs we can select the correct rig for your project.

Track Mounted Drilling Rigs 

Our track mounted drill rigs are strong, powerful machines capable of drilling large diameter shafts/caissons. The torque and crowd available on these rigs provide the capacity to drill in difficult conditions including hard rock and boulders. Tried and tested, these rigs are ideal for many shoring and caisson jobs throughout Ontario.

Crane Mounted Drill Rigs 

Our crane mounted drill rigs consist of a drilling attachment mounted on a crane. These drills are extremely versatile and powerful, allowing for access to difficult to reach holes. For large diameter caisson drilling, the crane mount drill rig cannot be beat.

Service Cranes 

Our track mounted service cranes are the perfect choice for moving materials on the job in all site conditions. Our fleet of crawler cranes allow us to tackle much deeper shoring and foundation applications.

Tieback Rigs 

Our tieback rigs are used for the installation of tiebacks (rock & post grouted applications) and for micropile installation. All our rigs are equipped with casing and rod handlers to assist with casing and rod manipulation.